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Buy a Mini Digger Online through Outlaw Mini Loaders

OUTLAW DIESEL • 27HP Yanmar Diesel Engine • 2 x Pump Hydraulic System • Ground speed up to 5.6mph VIEW MINI LOADER BUSH RANGER GAS • Has high flow triple pump • Soft touch controls • Auxiliary line has a designated pump VIEW MINI LOADER THE OUTLAW TRACKED • Excellent for use in mud & soft soil [...]

Gold Coast landscapers and electricians among highest paid tradies in nation

GOLD Coast sparkies and landscapers are being dubbed the “new rich” as fresh figures show they are among the highest paid in the country. The average hourly rate for Glitter Strip landscapers is an eye-popping $91, while electricians are pulling in $77, new statistics from tradie work website reveal. The average hourly rate for […]

4 things you must know before ordering any plant trailer!

Plant Trailer Brakes: What Options Are Available? As you know, it is impossible to purchase a mobile home without brakes and the same holds true for a plant trailer (machinery trailer). The question now is: What machinery trailer brake options are available out there? And which one is right for you? Mechanical Override Braking System […]

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